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Quarantine Chek-In!

How are you holding up?

It is no secret I miss you all like crazy! I am so sad when your appointment days come and go.

I look forward to seeing you days before you even walk in the door! While I am still not 100% sure when I will be able to open back up my main focus has been on how I can help you. Root sprays are great in a pinch but now that our roots are growing out further we need to look into other options.


I know many of you are essentials workers and your world hasn't stopped like mine. I want you to feel confident in your conference calls or even going into work if you are still on location. When we feel good about our hair it helps change the mood of things.


I am really excited to announce that I have partnered up with an amazing PROFESSIONAL company for home color kits!!


This is a professional color meant for home use in between visits and will keep you away from the messy unknown of the box color world (cue the twilight zone music).


I will match your color for you so you do not have any guesswork! Once you fill out the PROFESSIONAL ROOT TOUCH-UP form I will email you with a confirmation and have the color shipped right to you for free! I will also send you a step by step video instruction on how to apply the color at home. These kits are not meant to do your entire head, they are meant to cover the areas that you see every day, around your hairline and through your part to get us through the next few weeks before we can see each other again!

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